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The ChatGPT
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Supercharge Your ChatGPT Experience with Our Powerful Extension & Unlock the Full Potential of ChatGPT with Features Designed to Boost Your Productivity

ChatGPT Optimizer for Chrome - This Extension adds features to the ChatGPT website. | Product Hunt


Quick Actions For Messages Allow Faster Interaction

Quickly and easily copy the output from ChatGPT in either plain text or HTML format

Use Multiple Ways To Prompt To ChatGPT

Prompt documents, text selection or directly from searchbar into ChatGPT

Export Ans Share ChatGPT Chats With Whoever You Want

Share Chats in different formats from JSON, Screenshot to Links

Style Your ChatGPT With Custom Themes

Style your ChatGPT experience the way you like

Next Big Features:

  • Integrate Everywhere

    Use ChatGPT in LinkedIn, Search Engines and more!

  • Multiple AI integration

    Prompt from here directly to Dall-E and others

  • Improved Messages

    Preview SVGs, Highlight HEX codes and auto-split too large messages

  • Prompt Assistant

    Learn how to improve you prompt and add prompt templates

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Is the extension free?

Yes, the extension is currently free and will stay with a free plan forever. However, the team is working on features that will integrate other APIs, which users will have to pay to use.

Will there be new features or integrations added to ChatGPT Optimizer?

Yes, the chance is high that someone is preparing the new update while you're reading this. In the future there will also be more integrations than just a Chrome Extension.

How does ChatGPT Optimizer improve workflow and productivity?

The extension streamlines the chatbot interface, provides quick access to frequently used features, and enhances the overall functionality of the ChatGPT website.

How does ChatGPT Optimizer compare to other similar extensions?

While there may be other similar Chrome extensions available, ChatGPT Optimizer is unique in its approach to improving the ChatGPT user experience by streamlining the interface and enhancing the website's functionality.

Can users personalize the ChatGPT Optimizer interface to their needs?

Yes, users can already customize the theme of the ChatGPT website. Additionally, the team is planning to add new features that will allow users to enable or disable different elements of the extension to personalize their experience. These features are expected to be available within the coming weeks.

How does the ChatGPT Optimizer extension treat my privacy?

The ChatGPT Optimizer extension is committed to protecting your privacy. Currently, the extension does not collect or store any personal data on its servers, except for the number of users and which themes they use. In the future, anonymous statistics may be collected to analyze the most used features. If you choose to share your chat history, the data will be stored on the server, but the team will ensure that all data privacy and security protocols are in place. If you have any concerns about data privacy, please feel free to contact the team at

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